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Hate me, Date me by Carla Hastie

Here is the write up from Carla Hastie, check her out here


Quirky and elegant with talent in spades, Anoushka Van Rijn is undoubtedly my mega muse.

Being an unequivocal jewel fiend and total magpie, I went full fangirl over Anoushka’s sui generis designs. They’re eccentric, divergent and unorthodox in all the right ways. Mixing coastal cache and mondaine antiques, the collection creates a winsome juxtaposition of metals, tassels, and gemstones that are straight-up funky.

After sliding into the DM’s and confessing my undying love for Anoushka’s craft, I’ve found a friend through fashion who makes me want to throw the rule book out the window and set fire to anything ordinary.

Have a looksie here and prep yo’self to be seriously inspired x

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Vanity Fair May 2020

Together Journal, Issue 12, 2018

Together Journal, Issue 12, 2018