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About Anoushka


My love for fashion and design began when I was a young girl. I grew up around creativity and design. Both my creative and artistic parents encouraged me to embrace my creative talents. I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer and stylist for as long as I can remember, I started making clothes for myself and my dolls at a young age, telling my parents with a strong knowing “I am going to be a designer when I grow up”. In my early teens I began to struggle with mental health and physical illness. My caretaker at the time new how passionate I was about creativity and design, so to keep my creative life force alive during a time when I was disconnected from myself spiritually, emotionally and physically, she taught me how to make jewellery. Ever since then I have been passionate about designing and creating unique jewellery. Creativity is a form of self healing for me. It is a natural way I express myself and what is going on internally. I transform pain into beauty, darkness into light. This is how I have always approached my design aesthetic and the way I share my journey with others. It is through the form of creative self expression in which we connect with ourselves, others and the universe. My hope is to illuminate others gifts through my gifts and to create a giving and receiving of love with creative self expression.


My mission is to inspire people to embrace and celebrate their unique authentic selves through style, design and creative spiritual practices. My hope is that people wear my designs and experience my services to then go on to feel empowered, confident and connected to self.

My customer very much plays a strong part in my designs. Each piece has a story and that story is not complete until they are chosen by the individual who is drawn to that design through some personal connection of their own. Only then is the story/piece complete.



The jewellery collections consist of a classic limited edition collection, unique one-off designs and custom designed pieces.

My collections are designed to tell a story and to transport the wearer on a journey inwards to explore their authentic self. My aesthetic is a combination of my love of vintage, fantasy, spirituality and the beauty in New Zealand’s incredible scenery.

I draw inspiration from everyday life and my surroundings. The collections are centered around bold statement jewellery for people who want to stand out, feel confident, and embrace their unique selves. I strive to encourage people to move out of their fashion “comfort zones” and to embrace courageous, confident design and style, whatever that looks like for them. As a testament to my passion for quality and sustainability, all of my pieces are designed and created by hand in New Zealand. I do not create seasonal collections. I am intentional about producing only what I can sell.

The actual materials also inspire my designs. Most of my jewellery have up cycled vintage pieces which i then add natural materials to like pearls, crystals, shells etc. I look for unique colours, textures, and shapes that appeal to my magpie eye. When I see something that draws me in, I immediately get a strong knowing whether it is exceptional and individual enough to inspire others. My materials are sourced in New Zealand and internationally. 

My style can be explained as bold, stand out, and fearlessly self-expressive. My motto is “unapologetically embrace your authentic self” and I believe creative self expression through adornment has an important role to play in achieving this. 

My services are intentionally thought out to create a unique and connective process for each individual customer/client. My intention is to provide an experience for others who have like minded intentions to develop their spirituality and creative expression. To offer a safe space to come and be whoever they want to be and connect with themselves on a deeper level. It's all about illuminating their uniqueness and creative spiritual connection to self and others. This is how we feel safe, seen, heard and most importantly LOVED


The beauty in my everyday surroundings. Friends and family. Nature. The beach and shells. Vintage design. Astrology. Tarot. Traveling. Film. Theatre. Art. Fantasy.


I assist in dressing people who want to celebrate their authentic self, push their fashion comfort zones, embrace and celebrate their unique, empowered self. People who are adventurous, collectors, artists, intellectuals, dreamers. People who want to tell a story through creative expression, whatever that looks like for them.

“We are ALL irreplaceable because we are ALL unique.” I hear so many people say, “oh, but I can’t pull that off.” So, I say in reply, “the only reason you can’t pull it off is because you don’t believe YOU CAN.”