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Astrology Readings

Astrology is a lens for self responsibly and self compassion. We can build our willingness to evolve and understand ourselves through exploring the Natal chart to find the light and dark aspects of ourselves so we can move forward into our most authentic life purpose. 
A Natal chart reading is a dynamic interactive exploration and translation of the planetary energies in your birth chart. The focus is on assisting you to remember and reconnect with your core essence, purpose and meaning on this planet. Together we will explore your inner strengths, resources, talents, skills, vocation, relationship needs and patterns, creativity, gifts and inner conflicts, as well as your core soul themes and your approach to life.  I will also pull an Oracle card for you as overall guidance from the universe.
During your Natal chart reading i will guide you through your souls evolution. Sharing insights into the light and dark aspects of yourself. I will seek out the parts of yourself you are currently healing, pulling in any past life experiences that are needing to be alchemised presently. With my strong abilities to read energy, i can gently guide you through the current challenges of your life, sharing the light side of those aspects of yourself to apply healing, so you can understand that our struggles in life are actually what create our true gifts, if we choose to lean in, get curious of ourselves and learn to love all aspects of ourselves. We can then create more unity within ourselves, our relationships and the collective to then move forward with a sense of belonging and fulfilment. 
After your Natal chart reading you will receive a personalised Astrology guide book, and a recording of our session to refer back to.
To Book a Natal chart reading  email me
1 hour in person $133
1 hour online $133
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In order to set up your personal Natal Chart Reading, you will require the time, date, and place of your birth. 


Please note the Time of birth is essential, or at least within a 2 hour time frame.

LOCATION | In Person or Online